West Midlands NO!

Regional government: unelected, undemocratic, unaccountable and unwanted


West Midlands NO! 

West Midlands NO! is opposed to the imposition of regional government on England.

There is next to no support for regional government in England. It is expensive, ineffective and divisive. Only one referendum has ever been held in England on regional government and resulted in the biggest referendum defeat of any British government in history.

Despite there being overwhelming opposition to regional government – something the British government acknowledges – more and more decisions are being taken by remote bureaucrats who have no mandate from the people they are paid to represent.

We believe that the people affected by regionalisation should have an opportunity to show their objection in a referendum. City regions, regional NHS, fire, ambulance and police services have never been part of anyone’s manifesto – there is no democratic mandate for regional government.


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