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Please update your bookmarks

Posted by wonkotsane on January 8, 2007

West Midlands NO! has moved to dedicated hosting, provided by our sponsors Servtec and Telford First.

This dedicated hosting allows us far more flexibility and control over the site.

All existing posts and comments on this site have been migrated.

Please update your bookmarks to http://www.westmidlandsno.org.uk

Thank you for your continued interest in the West Midlands NO! campaign.


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Contact Us Anonymously

Posted by wonkotsane on October 15, 2006

Thanks to the boffins at meebo.com, you can now contact us (instantly if we are online) and anonymously using the meebo plugin at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar.

Meebo Screenshot

You don’t have to register or give you real name, just type in a message and press enter to send your message.  If you want a reply, don’t forget to give some contact details!

Please don’t abuse this messaging system – we don’t need viagra, cialis, xanax, hard core pornography or advice on small cap stocks.

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Welcome Ken

Posted by wonkotsane on October 6, 2006

West Midlands NO! would like to welcome Ken Adams, owner of the well known eurosceptic blog Eurealist.

Ken will be contributing to the West Midlands NO! website with a particular emphasis on regional matters in South Shropshire.

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