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Keith Austin

Posted by Ken on December 13, 2006

Decisions not always supported

With borough elections due in May, I ask Councillor Keith Austin, the leader of the council, to kindly reflect on his inability to listen to the electorate.

It would appear that his ego trip to gain City Status for the borough of Telford is not welcomed by the electorate, at any cost – joining the West Midland’s Regional Assembly is also not welcome by the electorate.

Car parking charges, which he agreed to, cost the ratepayer some £500,000 simply because he would not listen – and his bailing out of a private football club and his council’s maintenance of the ground, free of charge, without consulting the public, is scandalous.

He has now installed his two “magic roundabouts” with numerous traffic lights, which has caused anger at a further cost of £700,000.

In order to get elected in May, he is now endeavouring to save face with the electorate by donating or loaning £20 million to the hospital – where is this money coming from?

Whichever way, the taxpayer is paying twice for hospital services.

T R Kiernan, Telford                                                


2 Responses to “Keith Austin”

  1. stu_ell_oam_2oo4@hotmail.com

    All this and then the problem with social housing in the Borough.

    5287 on the housing waiting list.
    16000 claiming housing benefit.
    165 Social rented Houses enable since 2004.
    Affordable houses are sold to anyone.

    We cannot afford to keep these people in power and Cllr Austin along with many of his colleagues will feather thier own nest at the expense of the residents in the Borough.

  2. What is this about with regards the football club.

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