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Birmingham Post calls for referendum on elected mayor

Posted by wonkotsane on October 27, 2006

The Birmingham Post has called for referenda to be held to directly elect mayors for city councils and for the city region.

Given the opposition within the city region project to any form of democracy or accountability to the electorate, the Birmingham Post are about as hopeful as we are:

“One of the most important aspects of the White Paper, indicative of whether the Government is serious about empowering local communities, will be the new guidelines for elected mayors – at both city, county and city region level. It is abundantly clear that all of the big metropolitan councils, Birmingham in particular, will do anything they can to prevent this matter from being discussed and certainly have no intention of asking people what they want.”


One Response to “Birmingham Post calls for referendum on elected mayor”

  1. Eddie said

    Can’t say I’m over the moon at the prospect of voting for the “popular” Dr Carl Chinn – with the born-again Brummie??? twang. If I want a posh bloke with a dodgy accent for mayor, there’s always Nigel Kennedy, or Ben Elton to mix with us plebs.

    If we’re going to vote for anybody, let it be the Chief Constable and Judges.

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