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Trans-national regional assemblies

Posted by wonkotsane on October 22, 2006

It is common knowledge that the current English regions were drawn up by the EU.  The reasons are many and varied but there are two main ones:

  1. Member states are easier to control from Brussels if they are divided up into smaller regions
  2. National identities are a barrier to a federal Europe so they are being replaced with regional identities

The EU has updated its regional agenda with “trans-national regions” – euroregions that cross national boundaries.  How this will impact on the existing regional assemblies and associated quango’s is a mystery but the Arc Manche Assembly, incorporating parts of the South-East of England and France, has already been formed using taxpayers money.

The new assembly is, of course, unelected and has a French chairman.  The Conservatives have condemned the transnational regions but the Tory-controlled West Sussex County Council is taking part in it and even hosted its conference less than a week ago.


3 Responses to “Trans-national regional assemblies”

  1. Ken said

    I was looking at this yesterday, one thing is that some of the money Advantage West Midlands gets from the EU will be earmarked for The Atlantic Area program, also, and I assume because of this, they have removed restrictions on spending this money within the West Midlands Region. I get the impression that it would be possible in that case for AWM to co-finance a programme with another region, in Portugal for instance, if it meets the criteria set out in the Atlantic Area program.

  2. wonkotsane said

    And wouldn’t they just love that?

  3. Adrian Peirson said

    And Control over us by the EU will be a lot easier to Achieve if we Brits are marginalised, over run and subject to Sharia Law..


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