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No Mayor for City Region

Posted by wonkotsane on October 18, 2006

As mentioned way back when this blog was first started, the sole concession to democracy in the City Region plans was the possibility of an elected mayor.

Now even this nominal token of democracy has been nipped in the bud with Birmingham City Council and others deciding to veto plans by the British government to insist on elected mayors instead of unelected executive boards.

Paul Tilsley MBE, a councillor for the pro-regions Liberal Demcorats, said “Ministers have rejected the idea of any compulsive element to elected mayors, and that’s a good step because there’s been no support at all for this in Birmingham or any of the ‘core cities’.”

What Councillor Tilsley fails to point out is that there is no support at all for the whole city region idea period, not just the elected mayor bit.  I defy anyone to claim that this expensive, unelected regional white elephant will ever attempt to make itself accountable or democratic.

Full Story: icBirmingham


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