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Regional government: unelected, undemocratic, unaccountable and unwanted

A Regional View Part I

Posted by Ken on October 17, 2006

On April 30th 1952 Monnet travelled to The United states of America to tell the world about the dream for a United States of Europe, in his speech to the National Press Club Washington. Monnet clearly set out the principle milestones for the road along which we are now moving.

“The establishment of common institutions and common rules, merging national sovereignties, will unite the people of Europe under a single system of laws and remove the basic causes of conflict. In the new European Community such problems as that of the Saar will not simply become soluble, but will cease to exist as grounds for international rivalry, because the premises on which the problems were based will be obsolete.

” It is of universal importance that Europe should be self-reliant, secure, peaceful, and capable of continuing to make her great contribution to civilization. The way to all of these objectives is through unification.”

 “We are not making a coalition of States, but are uniting people.”

When Europhiles argue that this is not the case and that the EU of today does not characterize A United States of Europe, because we can still make our own decisions in certain areas of competence, Tax etc. All they will be pointing to is the scaffolding surrounding the edifice of the USE, scaffolding moreover which is piece by piece being removed.

We need to view the Regionalisation Process in that light, we must never forget the eventual aim, the only direction of travel is toward Monnet`s Dream.

In order to merge National Sovereignties it proved necessary to begin to demolish the existing nation states by inserting a new political order, one that could operate around the nation states and commune explicitly with the centre.

Indeed the Treaty of Rome 1957 the commision claims, gives it authority on regions.

 The Council and the Commission shall be assisted by an Economic and Social Committee and a Committee of the Regions acting in an advisory capacity.

In order to assist the development of the regions the Commision set up a centralised financial backing flow that encouraged member states to set up their own regional networks to gain access to development grants.

Thus in Britain our own moves towards devolution were directed into European Community Regions in the costume of Regional Development Agencies these were become the nucleus of regional parliaments, they were the regional equivalent of Whitehall’s civil service. The overseeing regional agencies, destined to become the regional parliament were set up as Regional Assemblies, these assemblies are supposed to be the democratically elected arm of regional government. The Government intended to create a rolling series of referenda throughout each of the regions, first went Scotland then Wales then London and then it was on to the region thought most likely to vote for an elected Regional Parliament.

Unfortunately at this point the plan was met with very strong resistance from the locals, the Referendum results for the North East were a compleate shock for the regionalists and has created an impasse. The EU says the overseeing Assembly must be elected, but the government dare not proceed with the referendum process for fear of further heavy defeats.

So in England we are left with appointed Regional Development Agencies overseen by appointed Regional Assemblies.

Democracy has no place in the formation of the United States of Europe.


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