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Calls for EMDA to be scrapped

Posted by wonkotsane on October 15, 2006

The leader of Broxtowe Council, Milan Radulovic, has called for the abolition of the unelected East Midlands Development Agency.

A spokesperson for EMDA said that it was a problem with accountability because the Agency answers directly to the British government and went on to claim that the Agency had saved or created over 8,000 jobs.  Mr Radulovic said he didn’t want the Agency to be legitimised, he wanted it abolished.

Why stop there though?  The Regional Development Agencies are only one of many regional quango’s that cost the taxpayer millions of pounds but answer directly to government ministers.  Slowly but surely, the regional house of cards is falling.


One Response to “Calls for EMDA to be scrapped”

  1. Dear Sirs!

    In spite of various communication with above agency by the board of our development organisation Emda and European NGO, based in the Netherlands, the UK organisation still is using the name EMDA, although this name is registered with us in whole EC since 1988.
    This unauthorized use give regualr conflicts in communication with Brussels and the interntional development agencies.
    We therefore again appeal to East Midlands Development Agency to withdraw the use of the name Emda and confirm to us not to uae this any longer.

    Emda intents to appeal to the EC and has in other case no other obligation as to deposit a claim and start a juridical procedure to prevent our rights. As NGO we still believe in the good faith of the UK organisation to follow our appeal.

    Best regards,
    Foundation for European Development Assistance (EMDA)
    P.J. IJben, chairman and owner of the brandname.

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