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Regional government: unelected, undemocratic, unaccountable and unwanted

Letter to David Wright

Posted by wonkotsane on October 12, 2006

I wrote to David Wright MP (Labour, Telford) a few days ago and asked him to support the West Midlands NO! campaign.

Rather disappointingly he has written back declining to support the campaign because, despite admitting that his constituents don’t want regional government, he believes that Telford will be better off in the City Region.

It’s a good job we have people like David to save us from ourselves isn’t it?  Who knows what trouble we would get ourselves into if we were allowed to make our decisions.

The following is my response:

Dear David,

Thank you for your letter of 10th October, you have the privelege of being the only Labour MP in the West Midlands who even acknowledged any of my emails about the regions.

I must say I am disappointed that you are supporting the City Region, not only because of your enviable knack of getting your face in the papers on an almost daily basis but because you know that your constituents don’t want it.

Do you remember the following letter you sent to me over a year ago?

Dear Mr Parr

Thank you for your recent email relating to an English Parliament.

I have to say that I have little more to add to my previous comments. I do not think there is any desire at present for either a parliament for England or indeed regional assemblies.

Our country does extremely well within the United Kingdom and direct political representation is provided by MPs. I would have no problem passing powers to elected members of a regional assembly.

With best wishes

Yours sincerely

David Wright

Do you think there is now a desire for regional government in your constituency? I have asked you about this conflict of interests before but you never seem to give me a direct answer on it. The situation is that your constituents don’t want regional government, you know they don’t want regional government but you still support it. Did you stand for election as an MP to serve your constituents or the Labour Party, the EU and Birmingham City Council? I think it should be the former but perhaps not.

Investment in transport will be improved links to the rest of the West Midlands. The small problem of Staffordshire being in the way aside, this will only bring limited benefits as most of the traffic between Telford and the West Midlands is passing through. In terms of regeneration, the City Region is to have Pathfinder status – a project that has decimated parts of the North East with perfectly servicable housing compulsary purchased (ie. stolen by the state) and replaced with rows of identical “social” housing. And economic development – there will be lots of that but how much will Telford get?

If the City Region is so great for Telford why was it done in secret, why has there been no public consultation and why will there be no referendum? You and I both know that there is no support for regional government in Telford and that, if asked, your constituents would reject yet another tier of unelected, unaccountable and undemocratic regional government. This is why there has been no consultation or referendum yet you stand idly by and actually endorse this undemocratic, secretive project to go ahead knowing that you are acting against the wishes of your constituents.

I am very, very disappointed and I hope that in time you will see the folly of your decision and do what your constituents want you to do rather than what your party tells you to do.



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