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Evidence of unaccountability in City Region

Posted by wonkotsane on October 5, 2006

Dr Simon Murphy, the Director of the unelected City Region Partnership, has forwarded two letters on to West Midlands NO! regarding the City Region.

The letters are in response to our question as to whether the Borough of Telford & Wrekin considered that spending £10,000 on consultants to choose a name for the City Region and then ignoring that advice to choose a name that was immediately criticised was value for money.    They don’t answer the question in the slightest but they are certainly interesting letters.

The first letter is from Ruth Kelly, the Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government, asking for more information on the City Region.  One question related to accountability of the executive board of the City Region, one of the major concerns of West Midlands NO!

The second letter is from Dr Simon Murphy to Ruth Kelly answering her questions, including the one of accountability.  In this letter, Dr Murphy explains that the executive board of the City Region will be held accountable to the unelected West Midlands Regional Assembly.  He goes on to explain that the City Region may hold “question time” type public meetings where information will be given to the public.

This is totally unacceptable and does not hold the City Region accountable at all.  The unelected City Region will be held accountable to the unelected Regional Assembly who answer directly to government ministers and the unelected EU Committee of Regions.  Members of the public will not be able to get information from the City Region or to hold them to account for anything they do.  One of our biggest concerns is that of accountability and it is evident that we are right to be concerned.

We will, of course, be writing to Ruth Kelly to ask her whether she considers the level of accountability planned by the City Region to be acceptable and why she has failed to mention the lack of a referendum or public consultation.


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