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Who is Dr Simon Murphy?

Posted by wonkotsane on October 2, 2006

Dr Simon Murphy is the director of the City Region Partnership and a driving force behind the city region project but who is he?

Unsurprisingly, he isn’t elected to this or any other position.  Dr Simon Murphy is a former MEP who resigned his position as leader of Labour’s MEP’s because of the stresses on his family life of flying to Strasbourg but bravely soldiered on as an MEP for another 2 years (flying to Strasbourg for 6 months of the year and Brussells for the other 6).  It has been suggested that this was to guarantee his taxpayer-funded gold-plated EU pension although we wouldn’t like to speculate.

In 2003 he was appointed as a “Trade Champion” for the unelected quango, Advantage West Midlands, where his priority was to get the EU working for the West Midlands.  This taxpayer-funded position was, naturally, unelected.  He has also served as a board member for the West Midland Development Agency, another unelected taxpayer-funded quango.

Dr Simon Murphy is a keen European Federalist and was heavily involved in the UK’s preparation for the Euro.

This information is all readily available on the internet, what qualifies him for this particular project has yet to be discovered.


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