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Exclusive Statement from director of Telford First Ltd

Posted by wonkotsane on October 1, 2006

One of the two directors of the newly registered Telford First Ltd has given us the following statement:

I have read through mounds of reports and was able to track back the initial mention of “TelfordFirst” to early 2004. I was not able to find any public mention until the dispute about the Town Park boundaries and that was by accident, discovered by HOOP.

Various documentation about “TelfordFirst” was found and placed on www.telfordcouncilwatch.org.uk, some members of the Borough of Telford & Wrekin Council requested that the information be removed. I became concerned at the millions of £’s  passing through the company from the Council of which almost £1million was a direct saving from salaries.

£10 – £15 million coming from Advantage West Midlands.

I went to “TelfordFirst” offices and saw expensive directors desks being moved in, every domain name for “TelfordFirst” registered, but nobody wanted to give the public any information.  They appeared to operating covertly as phones, faxes and emails were inoperable.

Jobs were being advertised with salaries at £75k, yet the people who live in Telford new nothing of them, so how could the council call this company “TELFORDFIRST” when in truth Telford was far from being first?

 If you want to be known as “TelfordFirst”, put Telford First – operating behind closed doors is not the way forward. I will be prepared to meet anyone to to discuss this further.

This is an attempt to put forward a voice from those that have not been listened to or even consulted.

This is a clear message to all of the local authorities in the West Midlands euroregion – no more interference from unelected regional quango’s.

When people tell you that one or two people by themselves can’t make a difference, don’t believe them.  All you need is a bit of effort and you can make a difference.


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