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Regional Health Funding

Posted by wonkotsane on September 22, 2006

Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

Daniel Kawczynski: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how much central Government funding was made available to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital in (a) 2004 and (b) 2005. [72390]

Ms Rosie Winterton: The Department does not allocate funding to national health service trusts. NHS trusts as providers of services receive the bulk of their revenue funding from commissioning by primary care trusts. They also receive revenue funding from the Department for research and development and from strategic health authorities for medical staff training and other teaching costs. In addition, trusts can charge staff, visitors or patients for services provided, such as catering or provision of private patient facilities.

Shropshire county primary care trust (PCT) will receive allocations of £331.2 million in 2006-07 and £363.3 million in 2007-08. These represent a cash increase of £59.9 million or 19.7 per cent. over the two years.

How likely is the West Midlands regional strategic health authority in Birmingham to hand over cash to a rural hospital serving a few thousand people when they can give it to somewhere like the Birmingham Childrens Hospital which is famous around the world and has a catchment of over a million people?  The answer is obvious – the funding and investment that the City Region is supposed to bring to the “region” will be focussed on Birmingham, getting less and less the further you get from the centre with those parts of the West Midlands euroregion that our outside of the City Region suffering the most.


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