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Shropshire Star: New Map of Europe

Posted by wonkotsane on September 16, 2006

New map of Europe

eu-flag.jpgA few weeks ago one of the Labour councillors for Malinslee was singing the praises of the super city because Telford had been awarded £5,000 to be shared between Donnington and Malinslee for social improvements.

What he omitted to say was that the total amount available to all councils in the proposed super city region was £500,000. Put the £5,000 in perspective against this amount with Coventry, Wolverhampton, Sandwell, Dudley, Solihull, part of Staffordshire, north Worcestershire and Birmingham, with the share being divided out based upon the population for each council, and it is easy to see who takes the lion’s share.

If this super city is such a wonderful idea why was the West Midland County Council created in 1974 by the then Labour Government and disbanded by a later Labour Government as a failure?

In the Shropshire Star of September 5 there are the proposed new maps of Europe drawn up by German map makers on instructions of the EU showing the UK as part of Holland,Germany, France and Spain.

Has anyone in the UK other than Government officials been consulted over this? No. Has your local MP consulted you about this? No. The United Kingdom Independence Party has consistently told the truth about what EU membership means for the UK.

R Knight, Telford & Wrekin UKIP


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