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£5m grant awarded to non-existent City Region

Posted by wonkotsane on August 5, 2006

The West Midlands City Region propoganda offensive took a giant leap forward yesterday with the following article in the Shropshire Star.  The propoganda office at Telford & Wrekin Council have got it all in this piece of propoganda – disabled people, poor people, unemployed people, they’ll all benefit from being told what to do by unelected quangocrats in Birmingham.  This money is a bribe – how can the British government give money to a quango that doesn’t even exist?  Why can’t this money be channelled into Telford anyway?  Why do we have to comply with Labour Party policy in order to get funding which we obviously need?

Slice of £5m set to aid borough people By Deborah CollinsPeople in Telford could benefit from a slice of £5 million aimed at boosting employment in disadvantaged areas across the region.

The West Midlands city region, which includes Telford, is to benefit from money granted as the result of a successful bid to help increase levels of employment and improve people’s skills. The cash, from central government, will tackle unemployment, social exclusion and child poverty across the region, A share of the money, to be distributed through a city strategy, will be used in Donnington and Malinslee to help people with special physical or learning needs get access to employment.

Staff from the Learning and Skills Council and JobCentre Plus will be working with employers to improve employment rates.


Leader of Telford & Wrekin Council Keith Austin welcomed the news.

“It underlines the fact that our commitment to being part of the wider city region community is already bringing real benefits to help people in Telford,” he said.

“I am sure that this will be the first of many successes from our partnership working with other local authorities and I am pleased that, locally, disadvantaged people will be among the first to be helped.”

Richard Webb, corporate director for adult social care said the cash would bring real benefits.

“The city strategy is about putting excluded people at the heart of our ambitions for a dynamic city region,” said Mr Webb.

“Finding and keeping a job is vital for everyone’s self esteem, health and well-being.

“This successful bid and our joint working with the primary care trust means that we are well placed to help people with disabilities and long term illness to either get back into work or to take the first step into a real job”.

The West Midlands City Region includes eight local authority areas across Birmingham, the Black Country, Telford, Solihull and Conventry.


6 Responses to “£5m grant awarded to non-existent City Region”

  1. John Franklyn said

    Has money been allocated or is it still a could be.

    How will this actually put for example – a disabled person into the workplace. Will it be funding whilst at work, only for the person to be made redundant when the funding stops, via training or some other initiative.

    Whilst it is always good to read about investment, this has just left me with more questions than answers.

  2. wonkotsane said

    I gather that the money has been allocated. There’s nobody to give the money to so they can’t have handed out the cash but it’s a pretty clear indication that the city region will happen.

  3. John Franklyn said

    Thanks for the fast response.

  4. […] On August 5th the Shropshire Star reported that the West Midlands City Region (as it was known then) had been granted £5m from central government to tackle poverty and unemployment. […]

  5. […] On August 5th the Shropshire Star reported that the West Midlands City Region (as it was known then) had been granted £5m from central government to tackle poverty and unemployment. […]

  6. […] According to the Shropshire Star, the West Midlands City Region was awarded a £5m grant by central government.  Following some investigation, this was uncovered as a complete fabrication here on West Midlands NO! – the City Region doesn’t even exist, how can it receive a grant? […]

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