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Brownites snub city regions

Posted by wonkotsane on July 25, 2006

Source: Campaign for an English Parliament 

Brownites snub city regions

IC Birmingham reports that Brown’s lieutenants will today snub Government plans for city regions. The New Local Government Network report, authored by Ed Balls, John Healey and Chris Leslie, is very sceptical about the prospect of city regions:

“In our view, the success of the elected London mayor cannot be easily replicated within the English regions or imposed on city regions.”

“We do need new powers for local government in economic development – including for the London mayor – and greater encouragement for cities like Manchester or Birmingham to under-stand their wider regional responsibilities. But we must make sure this does not happen at the expense of the rest of the North-west or exclude towns and cities across the West Midlands.”

Via Daily Pundit.

Previously reported, in Sheffield Today, Ed Balls and John Healy had called for ministerial regional champions to be appointed and for parliamentary time to be allocated for regional issues:

A MINISTERIAL champion for each of the English regions, including Yorkshire and the Humber, should be created, two senior ministers have said.
John Healey, MP for Wentworth in Rotherham, and Ed Balls, MP for Normanton, have called for the move in a document setting out their vision on how to boost areas outside London.
They suggest a monthly question time in Parliament for each region where MPs could grill ministers about specific issues and specially set up committees which would scrutinise policies in more detail.

If regional government was the settled will of the English people I could see how this would make sense, why not have regional lists in Westminster and time allocated for regional issues? However, every indication is that the people of England do not want regional government, so why bother compounding an already grievous constitutional mistake?


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